Welcome To West Laurens Middle School

West Laurens Middle School educates student grades 6th through 8th and has a faculty of over 65 certified personnel. On average WLMS’s teachers have 15 years of teaching experience and the majority hold advanced degrees in their content area. The focus of West Laurens Middle School is to provide each student with a rigorous and challenging education in a nurturing learning environment. West Laurens Middle School has three computer labs and multiple Chromebook carts to facilitate student use of technology. This technology allows teachers to enhance curriculum and employ a wide variety of instructional strategies. The school also offers Gifted Classes in each grade level. These classes are taught using the Advanced Content Model. West L...

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Federal Programs Input Meeting 2019

The Spring Federal Programs Input meeting will be held May 21, 2019 at 12:00 PM at the O.W.L. You may also attend one of the drop-in meetings on May 22, 2019 and May 23. 2019 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM at the O.W.L. We are seeking input from the different stakeholders of the district. Click one of the links below for a flyer concerning the meetings.


New Student Registration 2019-2020

New student enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year will begin on June 3, 2019.

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Raiders PREP It Up

PREP provided parents and students with resources and tools to assist with reviewing.


2019 WLMS PBIS Talent Show

Talent 1Talent 2Talent 3Talent 4Talent 6Talent 6Talent 9Talent 10Talent 11Talent 12Talent 13Talent 14Talent 7CTalent 7ETalent 15

WLMS Supports Relay for Life


This year the students and staff participated in a number of fundraising activities to support Relay for Life including Caps for a Cure; Coins for a Cure which included "pieing" building administrators; and Champions for a Cure. Many of our staff members and students have been impacted by this devastating disease and we at WLMS choose to make a difference towards finding a cure.

Mrs. Garnto and your team, YOU ROCK!



Experience An Online Georgia Milestones Practice Test

The developers of the Georgia Milestones have designed a platform where you can practice taking an online Georgia Milestones test. This experience will enable students to use many of the tools on the digital platform prior to taking the actual assessment. By doing so, students will likely be more at ease because of the familiarity. 

The practice test is only available daily from 7AM until 10PM. Google Chrome is the only supported browser for this public test. 


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WLMS Rocks at RESA Competition

Congratulations to our WLMS Raiders for their outstanding performance at RESA. We are proud of you!


To see a complete list of WLMS winners, click the link to the right below.

3rd Quarter PBIS Raider Rally

Our WLMS Raiders had a great time at the recent PBIS Raider Rally. Students were able to select an activity to participate in including basketball, wiffle-ball, football, dodgeball, cornhole, soccer, "sit and talk" and technology. Students who did not meet the participation requirement completed a series of reflection activities designed to assist students in improving decision making skills. Staff members even joined in on the fun. 


Congratulations to our Laurens County Georgia Young Author Winners

 Lily Collins & Ellie Ruth Mullis