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ESSER Federal Grant Information

In response to the economic outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, Congress passed three bills that provided immediate and direct economic assistance to state and local educational agencies through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funds.  These funds were provided to support areas with the greatest need, where the academic and non-academic components for school districts had the greatest impact due to COVID-19.  As additional funding was provided, the intent of the funds was to support States and local school districts’ efforts to safely reopen schools, address significant gaps in learning, and support measures of implementation that will continue to reduce the effects of COVID-19 on students and families.

Laurens County Schools ESSER Funding Plans:

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Laurens County ESSER I Plan

Laurens County ESSER II Plan

Laurens County ESSER III Plan


As a condition of receiving ARP ESSER III funds we must review, and if needed, revise our ESSER III plan every six months.  Part of the review process is to seek public input/comment into the plan.

Information about Laurens County Public Input Meeting for ESSER III Funds:

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Laurens County ESSER public input presentation (recording)

Laurens County ESSER public Input presentation (pdf)

Laurens County ESSER public input survey

Laurens County ESSER public input invite - Facebook post


Georgia Department of Education resources/information for ESSER funding:

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Georgia Department of Education website

GaDOE infographic about ESSER funding