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Here are electronic copies of Mrs. Litke's Newsletters for the school year. Paper copies are sent each Friday with the student. I hope these prove to be beneficial. Also, PLEASE make sure you are a part of our Class Dojo! It provides a DAILY way to keep informed of class and school events. We want you to be informed :) 

  • Tardy Bell RIngs at 8:05 am!

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    To Parents/Guardians from the ELP Principal:

    Please read the following excerpt from our school handbook on East Laurens Primary's policy regarding tardies & early dismissals.  Our school year day starts at 8:05 this year. Students arriving after this time are considered tardy. 


    C.  Tardies/Early Dismissals 

    The following will apply in regards to tardies and early dismissals:

    1. Five (5) unexcused tardies/early dismissals will count as one (1) unexcused absence,            

    2. The conditions for excusing a tardy or early dismissal will be the same as an absence,

    3. Tardies and early dismissals must be tracked separately and the data will be used to identify truant students. Information concerning students, who meet these thresholds, will be monitored by the school.   


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