Aspen Award

Laurens County Schools Awarded Aspen District of the Year for 2015
The following information is from Follett School Solutions...

Every year Follett School Solutions recognizes districts that have partnered with our organization to deploy the Aspen student information system in new, innovative, and fiscally responsible ways. Among hundreds of other districts, Laurens County Schools in Dublin, Georgia, was selected for the 2015 Aspen district of the year award. Laurens has made data actionable for educators by connecting Aspen to a variety of different systems used throughout the district. Their educators can now take advantage of this by using queries and filters to find the exact combination of data that they need to make sound educational decisions.

In addition, Laurens County Schools has used validation rules to ensure that the data entering the Aspen system is accurate and reliable. Taking into account that the school district receives state money based on the accuracy of reports that are generated by Aspen, this validation process is critical to ensure maximum funding. 

Lastly, Laurens County Schools has added new fields in Aspen to capture data that has not traditionally been used as a data source. These new fields can be juxtaposed against traditional data (grades, attendance, etc.) to create a more complete picture of each and every student, allowing educators to differentiate instruction.

Our heartfelt thanks and well deserved congratulations go out to Debbie Floyd for her work with Aspen and we look forward to a lasting partnership together for many years to come!