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Student Half-Day /Parent Conferences

Thursday, September 20 is a half-day for students. Students will be released at 12:00. Busses will run their regular routes starting at 12:00.

Homecoming Week @ SWLE!

This week is homecoming week. This week students will be naming the two calves. 

Monday (Pajama Day) - Each homeroom must come up with a pair of names.They can complement each other or not. For example: Milkshake & Oreo, Bonnie & Clyde, Spot & Blue, Jack & Jilly, Riff & Raff, Susan & Poindexter, etc. The pair of names need to submitted to the grade level team leader who will compile the list of names and email them to the other homerooms. The name of the older cow (#1) must be listed first.

Tuesday (Country and Western Day) - Each homeroom will vote and choose one pair of names and submit the results to the grade level team leader. The grade level team leader will email the grade level choice to Mr. Dean and Dr. Collins by 4 PM.

Wednesday (Holiday Day) – Mr. Dean and Dr. Collins will create a list (ballot) of each grade level pair of names for each grade level.

Thursday (Super Hero Day) – Homeroom teachers will have their students vote and tally the votes on one of the ballots and turn it in to Mrs. Sapp by 2 PM.

Friday (Spirit Day) - Mr. Dean or Dr. Collins will announce the winning pair of names.

GOSA Georgia School Grades Reports

Use the link below to access the Governor's Office of Student Achievement's Annual Report Cards for the Laurens County School System and individual schools:

Report Card - LCSS

2018-19 Class Supply Lists.

To All Parents:  Our supply list has changed somewhat; however, all the items in the EduKit that you ordered at the end of the year are still greatly appreciated by your teacher.


 Click here for the new updated 2018-19 class supply lists.