Achieving Academic Excellence for ALL Students

Dear Parents,

     East Laurens Middle School is proud of the academic progress our students are making.  Our goal is to continue to improve achievement through a variety of programs and research-based practices.  

     All students will receive instruction using the Georgia Standards for Excellence (GSE), which are the state-wide curriculum objectives students need to master at each grade level.  Teachers will monitor the mastery of standards through weekly instruction and pre and post-assessments.  Data from assessments, along with teacher observation and input, will be reviewed during collaborative data team meetings.  Flexible groups, which may include whole group and small group instruction, will be formed throughout the year.  Differentiated instruction, which may include remediation and/or enrichment, will be used to help students master grade level standards in all content areas. Student groups may change throughout the year based on mastery of the standards and each student’s instructional needs at the time.

      Both federal and state programs have been designed to help schools differentiate instruction in an effort to help all students master standards.  Some of these programs include: the Gifted program, Special Education, and English Learners (EL).  Children qualify for these programs based on academic achievement. In Laurens County, all students, regardless of their program identification will be served through both whole and small group instruction based on need, not label. Through flexible groups, it is our goal to help all children meet grade level standards.  This support will be provided as needed, and will not alter your student’s teacher of record for core instruction. We will keep you informed of your child’s progress through report cards, progress reports and parent teacher conferences as needed.  Should you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

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