Fall Motivational Rally
Fall Motivational Rally




News Release

West Laurens High School Students Attends FBLA Fall Motivational Rally

The West Laurens High School Chapter of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and advisers – Dr. LaJune Mason and Mrs. Dot Snell attended the Georgia FBLA Fall Motivational Rally at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia on October 12, 2017.  The students had an opportunity to participate in the T-shirt and Ethical Video competition while participating in various competitive practice tests for the upcoming FBLA competitions.  Winners of the T-shirt and Ethical Video competitions will be announced at the FBLA Fall Leadership Conference held in Athens, Georgia. 

West Laurens Officers Attend the Fall Leadership Conference in Athens, Georgia

Fall Leadership Conference        Officers


On November 16th, West Laurens High School (WLHS) Future Business Leaders of America (FBLS) Officers and Adviser attended the Fall Leadership Conference held in Athens, Georgia at the Classic Center.  The Fall Leadership Conference hosted over 3,000 members and advisers. Students of the Fall Leadership Conference participated in lively general sessions for educational leadership, training workshops, and social fun activities. There was the exciting Battle of the Chapters, as well as one of the world’s largest MONOPOLY® Tournaments which aided the March of Dimes state service project.

WLHS FBLA Chapter had the chance to showcase their capabilities and dedication at the conference, as well as receiving several recognitions.  Kari Smith, (President), received the Leadership Achievement Recognition for completing the Leading Ladies Leadership Track and participating in the Leadership Track of Working with Purpose at this year’s conference. Go Raiders! NaTya Stanley (Secretary), partook in the Leadership Tracks of Business Management and Entrepreneurship while Carol-Ann Melvin (Treasurer), covered the Leadership Tracks of FBLA Officership and Leadership Academy. These devoted FBLA members were accompanied by Dr. LaJune Mason, WLHS FBLA Adviser. All-in-all, those representing the WLHS FBLA Chapter did an amazing job by continuing their training in leadership skills, being very competitive in the events, receiving individual recognition for their achievements, and by promoting the WLHS FBLA chapter’s excellence in the program. 



West Laurens High School Students are Winners at Region Competition!

West Laurens High School (WLHS) sent 25 students to the Georgia Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Region Leadership Conference (RLC) held on January 16, 2018 at Swainsboro High School in Swainsboro GA.  Georgia FBLA is part of a national organization committed to career development and preparing students for success in business leadership.  At the RLC, students competed across many different categories demonstrating their leadership skills.  These categories included: business ethics, client services, emerging business issues, impromptu speaking, business presentation, public speaking, job interviews, and sales presentations.

WLHS students performed admirably and received multiple awards under the leadership of Dr. LaJune Zanders-Mason and Ms. Dot Snell

Student Awards

1st Place

Elizabeth Bowman                                        Public DesignRLC

Gabrielle Smith                                              Social Media Campaign

2nd Place

Niesha Butler                                                 Help Desk

Jenish Patel                                                    Sports and Entertainment Management

3rd Place

Kari Smith                                                      Graphic Design

Tristan Grubbs                                              Spreadsheet Applications

Carol-Ann Melvin                                          Introduction to Public SpeakingRLC

Noah Sosa                                                      Public Service

4th Place

Elimila Delgado                                             Website Design

5th Place

Abby Wade                                                     Public Speaking

WLHS students had a great experience as exemplified through their enthusiasm in the competition and through their learning experience.  We of the Laurens County School system congratulate the students that participated in the Region Competition and their individual and academic/educational achievements.




PAM Press Release

Prematurity Awareness Month

ROWDY Purple Raiders

West Laurens High School (WLHS) was shining with a sea of purple from November 13th-17th, with lights in the halls and in the classroom.  WLHS Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Chapter partnered with the March of Dimes to help with fundraising for the charitable cause of prematurity childbirth.  The color purpose is the recognized color for PAM.  All proceeds raised by WLHS FBLA Chapter were donated to the March of Dimes.  Go Raiders!

Prematurity childbith is a growing problem throughout our nation.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the preterm birth rate in the United States rose for the second straight year in 2016 where about 1 in 10 babies were born too early with the accompanying risks of prematurity.  When a child is born premature it increases the likelihood of short-term and long-term health problems https://www.marchofdimes.org/complications/long-term-health-effects-of-premature-birth.aspx.  Although experts aren't aware of all the reasons why some babies are born earlier than others, it's exceedingly important to bring awareness to this ever-growing issue.

Towards contributions to the cause, and representing WLHS to make a difference, the student masterminds of the WLHS FBLA Chapter were behind the buzz, and were effectively able to bring prematurity awareness to its halls while securing a first place win in the PAM fundraising copetition while competing against 181 other regional groups.

The WLHS FBLA Chapter, with the leadership from Dr. Zanders-Mason, spent countless hours decorating, selling, and emphasizing the importance of prematurity awareness.  They also were responsible for the mass influx of purple items curculating throughout the school.  By selling purple raider headbands, purple bracelets, purple lanyards, and even purple shades, they were able to get their important message across.

The WLHS FBLA was fundamental to educating and bringing the concerns of Prematurity childbirth to our community.  This also brings attention to our school's commitment to the community.  



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