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Lee Collins

Lee Collins


Welcome home to East Laurens High School. Here, we provide each and every student with an inclusive, well-rounded educational experience so all students have the opportunity to realize their potential. It is an honor to serve as the principal of East Laurens High School. It is an appointment I do not take lightly. Following Dr. Hall is no easy task, but I accept it. I look forward to building on the foundation he has built.

We strive to create a climate of acceptance and a culture of continuous improvement for all students and staff at East Laurens High School. It is our mission to provide the appropriate level of rigor while still being relevant and never forgetting that our people are the most important reason for what we do. We value collaboration and hard work. We believe our greatest achievements are the accomplishments of the people we serve in the classroom, on the field, and beyond. We fully expect the 2020-2021 school year to be the best ever.

East Laurens High School is committed to providing all students with quality, equality, and immense educational value. We will accept no less than our students finding success in a very competitive, global society. First and foremost, we provide a safe and positive learning environment. After that, our staff works collaboratively to deliver research-based instructional strategies that meet our students’ unique needs and engage them in the learning process.

We are certain we can all achieve more when we work together. Parents and community members, by staying engaged in our children’s educational journeys, we increase the likelihood of their success. We ask you stay in touch with us through the East Laurens High School webpage and Facebook page. We are eager to work with you. We are honored and humbled to serve you, your child, and this community.

It is our sincere goal to provide your children with a world-class education that meets their social, emotional, athletic, and academic needs.

I am asking for your help in getting the word out.

It is time the world takes a good long look at the best kept secret in education…East Laurens High School.




Lee Collins



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