Advice from Demaryous "Bay Bay" Thomas

A Message from Demaryius Thomas to all Laurens County students:
     (Wide Receiver for the Denver Broncos #88 and former WL Raider)

"I just want to say live and love life. Have as much fun as you can and take everyday one at a time. Enjoy your friends, the teachers, coaches, etc... because they are there to help you and want the best for you. But while having fun make sure your book work and grades are your number 1 priority. Be respectful to everybody. Say "yes sir" "and "yes ma'am" because it will get you a long way. I still say "yes sir" and "yes ma'am" today and it's made me who I am. If you ever need help or need someone to talk to you have your parents, your teachers, and coaches. I talked to everybody when I needed help or something was wrong with me. And it helped me be the man I am today. Never let anyone tell you something you can't do. Nobody can make that decision but you. With that also stayed prayed up. With prayer nobody can hold you back. I love all of you!!!"     ..........  Demaryius Thomas


FY16 Parent Involvement Survey for Title I Schools

Parents of Students at Title I Schools (ELP, ELE, ELMS, NWLE, SWLE): Please use the link below to access the FY16 Parent Survey. The survey will be open until February 29, 2016.

FY16 Parent Involvement Survey for Title I Schools

FY16 Parent Involvement Survey for Title I Schools - Spanish

Georgia Schools' Parent Survey

State of Georgia mandates that a school must have its PARENTS complete an online climate survey.  It's that time of year and we NEED your help! The survey is below. Please click the link and take the survey for each child you have enrolled in an LCSS school. The survey should take no more than about ten minutes. If you do not have internet available at  home, please come into our school one day this week  before Thanksgiving holidays to complete the survey. The results of this survey impact our annual CCRPI score that replaced AYP. Thank you in advance for your help with this!



This school year has been off to a great start. We have had many exciting educational activities taking place at SWLE and have many more planned for the rest of the school year. We strongly encourage all parents to take part in all aspects of your ch...

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